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Dr. Tom's Independent Software Reviews: After regularly testing a variety of Software and writing reviews on Software ergonomy and usefulness for German and Swiss Computer magazines for the last three years, Dr. Tom is know focussing on Dr. Tom's Independent Software Reviews on the Web as well as on professional software consulting at, sharing his extensive knowledge of the Software market with you.

Dr. Tom's Independent Software Reviews is a priceless help in the decision process of identifying software to suite your specific needs or when in doubt about a couple of candidates.

As publishing Software reviews on highly specialized software programs does not sell too well, there are no printed nor Online resources for placing reviews for many product groups. This is the reason why I created Dr. Tom's Independent Software Reviews on the Web. Up to know, you can find a comparative review on Topographic Mapping Software and on Tools for Translation and Localization. I will continuously place new reviews on products which should be of interest for professional users. I hope you will enjoy my reviews and they will help you to make careful decisions on whether or not a software might be useful for you and your company, and worth the money to spend.

My substantial experience in Software evaluation and ergonomy as well as the constant up- to-date screening of the market results in a well founded overview for many product classes. Dr. Tom is glad to share his experience with you at Dr. Tom's Independent Software Reviews and to avoid disasters due to wrong decisions in buying Software Applications.

Dr. Tom is most competent in the evaluation and consulting of scientific Software, Office- Applications, Professional Software, Web and Multimedia Systems as well as Shareware Tools in almost any area.

In order to get an idea about my qualifications, please visit my Online-Resume and select: publications - Software Reviews. You will find full-text examples of my reviews on various shareware and professional applications for web design, Internet and the Sciences such as: Macromedia Flash, Adobe GoLive, Visio Pro, Microcal Origin and Statsoft Statistica.

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