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Topographic Mapping

According to recent scientific results, we find our ways either by landmarks or by internal maps. At least for those of us who navigate by internal maps, also external maps are fascinating. They provide a variety of information which can be used to get around. In the last years, we had a boom in mapping software and online services. Unfortunately, most of these products are exclusively designed to help us with our preferred way of transportation: the automobile. For nature's way of locomotion and for the planning of hiking trips and other outdoors activities, we had to stick to old fashioned topographic maps on paper, but even those are difficult to find.

Fortunately, in the early 1990s, DeLorme decided to create a software version of their popular "Atlas and Gazetteer" series, which was called "Topo USA". After this product was astonishingly successful, other companies followed. We hand-picked a few of the best and compared the for you:



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Topographic Mapping


DeLorme Topo USAT


Map AcademyT Platinum


MapTech Terrain Navigator


MagicMaps (Germany)

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