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Who is Dr. Tom?

My full name is Thomas Waßmer (Transcription of the german: "sharp s": Wassmer). After having been working with the Chemistry Education Network in Mainz, Germany as a scientific writer, multimedia developer and web designer for the last 4 years, I am now studying again (in Mannheim, Germany) to become a high school science teacher at the Steiner / Waldorf - Schools.
I earned my Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Konstanz working on the hibernation of European hamsters and my M.Sc. from the University of Freiburg studying dung beetle ecology. For more information on my background, please refer to my resume.

In my spare time, I am offering various services such as translation, localization and Software consulting as well as biological science consulting and information management
including information retrieval, analyses and presentation as well as web design (InfoTom.com).

After regularly writing software reviews for German and Swiss Computer magazines for the last three years (various shareware and professional applications for web design, Internet and the sciences such as: Macromedia Flash, Adobe GoLive, Visio Pro, Microcal Origin and Statsoft Statistica), I am know focusing on Dr. Tom's Independent Software Reviews. For many product groups there are no printed nor on-line resources for placing reviews, because publishing reviews on highly specialized software programs does not sell too well. This is the reason why I created this web site. Starting with a comparative review on Topographic Mapping Software, I will continuously place reviews on products which should be of interest for professional users. I hope you will enjoy my reviews and they will help you to make a careful decision on whether or not a software might be useful for you and worth the money to spend.

Thank you for visiting Dr. Tom's Software Reviews! Please feel free to use or cite any of my reviews, complete or in parts! If you decide to do so, please cite the origin of the material and inform me about the purpose of your adoption.


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