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Global Suite 3.0 

Unitype Global Office and Global Writer enable you to type in over 100 different languages including Arabic, Chinese, Indian, SE-Asian and biblic and academic scripts.
Global Office is an enhancement to Microsoft Office that adds text entry and visual keyboard display to Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. It is easy to use, yet powerful enough to support the most demanding tasks of businesses, translation professionals, and academics worldwide.

Global Writer is separate word processor supporting the same type sets and scripts. It comes with a built-in and customizable Spell Checker and Thesaurus.

Both products support typing without the need to learn each new keyboard layout. This is achieved by providing keyboard layouts which follow the phonetics of English, French and German. You just have to type how it sounds in your language.

No trial version available. Registration is US$ 250 for Global Office, US$ 129 for Global Writer and US$ 299 for the Suite containing both products.

Using Global Office in MS Word XP: Input Example in Georgian, Russian and Traditional Chinese using Phonetic Keyboard Layout.
Click on the image for a closer view!

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000 or XP; 12 MB RAM; CD ROM Drive for installation; Hard disk space: 10-35 MB, depending on which languages are installed. Chinese, Japanese,and Korean languages additionally require about 25 MB each; Microsoft Office 97, 2000 or XP for Global Office.

Company Info: Unitype Inc.; 1102 State Park Road, Lockhart, TX 78644, USA; Tel: (512) 376-9525, Fax: (512) 620-0384; Email: sales@unitype.com; URL: http://www.unitype.com.


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