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Top FTP-Server for the Mac

Rumpus 2.0

Rumpus is a complete FTP-Server supported by Mac OS Classic and OS X in native operation. Unlike many others, Rumpus is extremely easy to setup, handle and manage and offers an internal "built-in" security without the need of a central setup within the internet configurations. The server features
Maxum's unique web-based remote user account management, automatic file encoding and decoding and advanced user administration such as hard disk space and transfer rate limits, and restriction to certain folders.
Rumpus comes in two flavors: a standard version to meet the needs of smaller sites (up to 32 simultaneous user connects are allowed) and a pro version to offer 256 simultaneous connections and user accounts for large installations such as ISPs limited only by RAM.

Rumpus offers a very easy user setup and administration through it's built-in security.

info: Maxum Development Corp.; P.O. Box 315, Crystal Lake, IL 60039; phone: 815-444-0100, Fax: 815-444-0301; Email: info@maxum.com; URL: http://www.maxum.com.

It's like magic: Address book conversion without hassle

Address Magic Personal Edition 2.5.4

Address Magic is a wonderful tool to convert address books from one application format into another. Unlike many other conversion tools, you do not need to align corresponding data base fields. Everything is fully automated! Address Magic currently supports conversion from/to:

  • America Online 4, 5 and 7 (read-only. Version 6 is not supported.)
  • Eudora Light/Pro 4 and 5
  • Exchange Global Address List/GAL (read-only)
  • GroupWise
  • LDIF
  • Lotus Notes 4.6.4 or later and R5
  • Microsoft Exchange Server*
  • Microsoft Outlook 97, 98, 2000, and 2002
  • Netscape 3.x and 4.x.
  • Opera 6
  • Outlook Express
  • Outlook Personal Address Book/PAB
  • Palm Desktop 3 and 4
  • Pine
  • Windows Address Book/WAB

Never rewrite your address book again! Address Magic converts most common contact list into one another.

Conversion prevents duplicates from being created in similar address books, allows to merge different address books and fully supports Exchange Server recipient containers and Global Address Lists. In addition, you may select individual folders in products such as Outlook and Eudora.

Besides the personal edition targeted for home users, there is Address Magic Enterprise Edition featuring a command line driven application that can be put in batch files or script, Address Magic Web Edition which replaces the CSV file address book import procedure on your Web site with an automated solution that increases the success rate of customer uploads to over 95%, and finally Address Magic Software Developers Kit (SDK) which programmatically imports over a dozen address book formats from Visual Basic, Visual C++, and many other languages with just a few lines of code.

info: Connected Software, Inc.; P.O. Box 29, West Newbury, MA 01985; Fax: (978) 477-8273; Email: info@connectedsw.com; URL: http://www.connectedsw.com.


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