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Perfect administration of all your ebay auctions

Auction Information Database

Wether you are a buyer or seller, A.I.D. gives you a great overview and full control of all your ebay auctions. A.I.D. is completely developed in FileMaker Pro and features powerful options such as:

  • Single and batch download of auction data, images and email addresses
  • Sending of auto-generated emails via a build-in SMTP server.
  • Full support of Dutch auctions.
  • Design and upload of new auctions
  • Printing of detailed reports, packing slips and shipping labels.

The tools is definetly designed for the US market but most functions work fine on other ebay sites even using different date formats and currencies (tested for ebay.de). The trial version is fully functional offering the same features as the registered version but it is limited to 25 records. Registration is US$ 29.95.

A.I.D. offers a comprehensive overview about all your auctions on ebay.

info: Epigroove.com; Email: emailus@epigroove.com; URL: http://www.epigroove.com.


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