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Espresso Personal Edition 2003 Version 1.1


Language Networks B.V. develops and implements digital platforms for translation professionals since 1996. The company has been founded by Mr. Yuri Vorontsov. Through the online translation marketplace Aquarius, the company offers online translation outsourcing for translators, translation agencies and industry clients. In addition, they run their own translation services business lingolinea since 2002. Again in 2002 they started to develop Espresso as as an internal application for translation workflow management.

Fig. 1: The Main User Interface of Espresso provides fast access to all modules of the tool
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Espresso is a Business Management Tool for translators and translation agencies. Espresso is written in FileMaker Pro Version 6 and features a toolbox containing 5 different modules:
The Company Management Module allows you to manage your standard prices and currency rates in an easy and straightforward manner. You can set up your default currency and taxes that will be used throughout the Espresso application. The Resource Management Module helps you to organize your relations with your subcontractors - translators and translation agencies. The Client and Sales Management Tool makes you more productive by keeping all your customer records including the history of past projects at your fingertips. You can create and print quotes and project/purchase orders in a couple of clicks and a well organized manner. The Project Management Module allows you to create and track tasks, print project /purchase orders for subcontractors and track project files in a simple way. Finally the Reporting Tool creates for you simple financial overviews for a given period of time. All Modules are connected by a single interface.

Editions & Prices:

Espresso Personal Edition: Helps you to manage a small translation business - one user/1-PC - no networking.- € 249.

Espresso Client-Server Edition: Helps you to manage a small-to medium translation business. share your databases across several workstations. Standard pack includes 5 user licenses. Wider range of reporting (financial and operational) possibilities. - € 2790

Espresso Web Edition: Includes the licensing costs for the SQL Server and ColdFusion Application Server. - € 12499. Unlimited licenses.

Aquarius Web Edition: Shared Web Edition for free to all Aquarius Gold members through Aquarius.

Fig. 2: Espresso Quoting Module: Features an easy and clear design and a convenient navigation
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Usage & Evaluation

Espresso is a easy to use, clear and good looking project management tool for the translation industry. Although it includes many useful features it is obvious that its development only started recently and that it is a side development of a company focusing on their translation business as it lacks many planned or even advertised features and shows weaknesses in already implemented parts. As an example, there is an option for the import of (contact) data in various formats including XLS and Access but the required format is not specified that's why all attempts yield in a unspecified error. In addition, the short and insufficient help file recommends to backup the FileMaker database before attempting to import data but does not specify how such a backup can be achieved. The entry field for the tax rate shows predefined percentages but refuses to take any new values but plain numbers. Finally, the PO/quote and invoice forms have a partially incorrect word and text block spacing and do not allow to include your company's logo.

Fig. 3: Espresso Resource Management Module: Fast and easy entry and administration of all resource details
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In conclusion: Espresso is a refreshingly modern designed tool with promising capabilities but needs some serious development efforts to become real professional. I already recommended to the author to drop prices substantially in order to encourage more users to provide important suggestions and feedback for the further development of this promising Software.

System Requirements:
Hardware: Pentium 90 (or compatible), 32 MB RAM, Hard Drive.
Software: Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0 (Service Pack 6), 2000, Windows XP - ODBC features not supported for ME, Network Sharing Requirements: Microsoft TCP/IP or IPX/SPX network for ODBC import/export and registration.

Company Information:
The Language Networks B.V., Herengracht 270, 1016BW Amsterdam, The Netherlands; phone: +31 20 33 00 333, Fax: +31 20 33 00 334; Email: info@languagenetworks.com , URL: http://www.aquarius.net/


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